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MRAG Projekt GmbH & Co KG
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Unless otherwise stated in writing, all details about real estate investment offers are based on statements of the owner. We do not accept liability on that account. Furthermore, please note that the buyer is paying the commision for our services. MRAG receives a brokering fee of 6 % (plus VAT) from the customer, which is to be recorded in the puchase contract. The brokerage fee is earned and due with the customer signing the purchase contract and payable within four weeks of that date. All information is exclusively intended for the recipient. Any unauthorised disclosure to third parties may trigger damage claims in favour of MRAG (agent).

§ 1 Prohibition of disclosure
All information, including the offering of the property by the agent, is intended for the customer only. The customer must not pass on information to a third party without written authorisation by MRAG. If the customer violates this obligation and if the third party or other persons to whom the third party for his part has passed on the information, close the transaction, the customer is obliged to pay the commission plus VAT to the agent.

§ 2 Double representation
The agent is allowed to act for both parties in a transaction (buyer and seller).

§ 3 Information
The agent points out, that the information about the property originated from the seller or a third party engaged by the seller and has not been checked for correctness nor completeness. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the information for its correctness and completeness. The agent, who only passes on this information, does not accept any liability for correctness or completness of the information.

§ 4 Limitation of liability
The agent’s liability is limited to gross negligence or deliberate behaviour as permitted by German law.

§ 5 Limitation
The limitation period for all damage claims of the customer against the agent shall amount to 3 years. It begins when the action triggering the punitive damage has taken place. If the limitation regulations result in shorter limitations in favour of the agent, these shall apply.

§ 6 Place of jurisdiction
If the agent and the customer act in the sense of the German Commercial Code (HGB), MRAG's office in Berlin, Germany is to be the place of jurisdication.

§ 7 Escape Clause
If one or more of the above provisions become invalid, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. If within one or more of the above provisions a part becomes invalid, the effectiveness of the remaining provision shall not be affected.

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